The 14th meeting session
Islamic – Catholic Liaison Committee
Vatican  from   7-9  Jumada the 2nd 1429 H  -  11-13 June, 2008 A.D




The Members of the Islamic Catholic Liaison Committee to the 14th meeting of ICLC


Members of the Islamic delegation
The 14th  section of the Islamic Catholic Liaison Committee

   7-9  Jumada the 2nd 1429  -   11-13 June, 2008 A.D

Vatican – Rome

1.     H. E. Prof. Dr. Hamid Bin Ahmad AL-Rifaie, President of IIFD and Co- President of ICLC / Head of the delegation – Saudi Arabia.

2.     H. E. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Omer Naseef, President of Muslim World Congress and Sec. Gen. of IICDR-Saudi Arabia.

3.     H. E. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Diabie, President of Supreme Council of the Islamic affairs in Coted' ivoire &Africa.

4.     H. E. Prof. Dr. Mustafa AL-Shareef, President of Algerian Forum for Civilization's Alliance - Algeria.

5.     H. E. Prof. Dr. Abouzaid EL-mokrie EL-idrissi, President of Moroccan - Iranian Friendship- Morocco.

6.     Sheikh Dr. Shaheed Sattar dien, President of Islamic-Christian Round table Discussion - Ireland.

7.     Engineer Ahmad AL-Rawi, President of the European Trust- British

8.     Dr. Mohammad AL-bashari, President of Islamic Federation in France.

9.     Ambassador Mario Shaloia, Representative of Muslim World League – Makkah AL-Mukrramah.

10.      Dr. Abdullah Radhwan, Gen. Director of Islamic Cultural Center " Mosque " – Rome

11.       Sheikh Dr. Yahya Sergio Yahe PALLAVICINI, Vice -President and Imam of the CO.RE.IS (Comunitŕ Religiosa Islamica) Italiana.

12.       Mr. Ihab Husni Hashm , publisher & Journalist.



Pope of Vatican receiving H.E. Dr.Hamid AL-Rifaie








Pope of Vatican receiving Dr.Hamid AL-Rifaie

Pope of Vatican receiving Dr.Abdullah Omer Naseef

Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee

Press Release

With the help of God, the Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee held its fourteenth meeting in the Vatican, on 11-13 June 2008, correspondent to 7-9 Jumada the 2nd 1429 H. The Catholic Delegation was headed by H.E. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Vatican City, while the Islamic Delegation was headed by H.E. Prof. Dr. Hamid Bin Ahmad Al-Rifaie, President of the International Islamic Forum for Dialogue, Jeddah-Saudi Arabia. The theme was “Christians and Muslims as Witnesses of the God of Justice, of Peace and of Compassion in a World Suffering from Violence”. The topic was treated from a religious point of view according to the teaching of our two religious traditions. Both sides agreed on the following points:

1.   From the inherent dignity of each human being stem fundamental rights and duties.

2.   Justice is a priority in our world. It requires, beyond the implementation of the existing legal provisions, the respect of the fundamental needs of individuals and peoples through an attitude of love, fraternity and solidarity. There can be no true and lasting peace without justice.

3.   Peace is a gift from God and also requires the commitment of all human beings, and particularly believers, who are called to be vigilant witnesses to peace in a world afflicted by violence in many forms.   

4.   Christians and Muslims believe that God is compassionate and therefore they consider it their duty to show compassion towards every human person, especially the needy and the weak.

5.   Religions, if authentically practiced, effectively contribute in promoting brotherhood and harmony in the human family.

The participants were honoured to be received by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, who encouraged them to continue their endeavours for the promotion of justice and peace.

 Prof. Dr. Hamid Ahmad Al-Rifaie
President of  International Islamic Forum for Dialogue



Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran
President of  Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue

Pope of Vatican receiving Dr.Mustafa Diabie

Pope of Vatican receiving Dr.Shaheed Satardien

Pope of Vatican receiving Dr.Mustafa ALShareef

Pope of Vatican receiving Eng.Ahmad AL-Rawi

Pope of Vatican receiving Dr. Yahya Sergio

Pope of Vatican receiving Dr. Abouzaid ELidrissi

Speech of Prof. Dr. Hamid Bin Ahmad AL-Rifaie,

President of IIFD Co – president of ICLC

Your Holiness,

Personally, and on behalf of the Muslim delegation to the 14th meeting of the Islamic–Catholic Liaison Committee. I would like to express our great pleasure to meet your Holiness and to talk to you directly.


Your Holiness,

As you know very well, the Islamic–Catholic Liaison Committee was established in 1995 under the patronage of the late Pope His Holiness John Paul the 2nd. Throughout this Period we and our dear colleagues in the Pontifical Council for the Inter-religious Dialogue have worked in perfect harmony. Worthily, we achieved more than 57 articles of mutual understanding. Together we had agreed to publish these good results of our dialogue to make it known to the general public. So we wish that your Holiness will support this noble aim. 


Your Holiness,

regretfully, the world today is suffering from a serious crisis in security and stability. I think nobody can argue if we say that the moral degradation and the double standards in practicing justice are the main sources of the current dangerous situation in the world. Truly, the human communities are in need of an urgent common initiative of the religious leaders to rectify this abnormal situation. So we hope that your Holiness and His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz as two leaders of the biggest two religions in the world will work with the other wise leaders in the world to realize this noble goal.


Your Holiness,

We are full of confidence that your encouragement and support will help our joint committee to develop our mutual work under your patronage in order to become more able to face the recent developments in the world, deal with the huge challenges of civilization and to bring justice, peace, prosperity and safe co-existence to the human communities.


Finally, there are some religious and cultural sides throughout the world tray from time to time to excite conflict and clash among Muslims and Christians. So we have to be aware a danger of these attempts and we have to work together to defeat there evil aims. I hope may the Almighty bless our efforts and help us to achieve our divine duties.

Thank you        ćÇáÓáÇă Úáíßă


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