Means and Mechanisms 

1- Organizing assemblies and conferences among those how interested in dialogue of the Islamic foundations in the world .

2- Participating in the international assemblies and conferences which is interested in dialogue , to achieve the goals of the Forum and serve the interests of the Islamic Omah (nation) .

3- Activating media and Knowing legal means to develop the culture of dialogue and it's Islamic aims .

4- Activating and developing the means of communication among the member organizations , to achieve the goals of coordination and to exchange the information expertise among them in the field of dialogue .

5- Forum membership is a right of every organization which is interested in dialogue in the frame of coordinating and according to the unit plan of the IICDF .

6- Every organization Practice dialogue must inform the member organizations through the Forum about the topic and the results of their dialogue , to distribute it .

7- The President of the Forum calls for the meetings by coordinating with the Secretary General of the council .

8- The President of the Forum is the official spokesman .